Basic Sexuality Education Kit

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Preventing child sexual abuse; effectively raise 21st century kid in a sexaulized world.

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What have you taught your child about sex?


Statistics reveal:

–          144 out of 200 teenagers surveyed believed that sex is the same thing as love

–          1 out of every 200 children will have access to the right sex education

–          Ages of sexual initiation among young adults has dropped from 16 to 7 & 8

–          200 children surveyed said their parents failed in their duty towards their emotional lives.

–          192 out of 200 children surveyed have been sexually abused.


The strength of the predator resides in our inability to effectively teach our children on what can set them free from abuse.


Family Friendly kit delivers to what to teach about sex from 18months-18years. It is the most complete sexuality education kit for every family with:

  • RESPECT– a 9 track children sexuality education song album
  • INSTRUCTOR’S MANUAL– An interactive DVD that contains all they need to know and how to teach the various modules
  • IMPLEMENTATION SLIDES – A cd that contains all the slides presentation which makes it easy for the participants to implement when they get back to their classes
  • UNDRESSING SEX VCD– Puts you through how to clearly run your pre-teens and teens through various definitions of the reproductive parts.
  • Strictlyfor boys book
  • Strictlyfor girls book
  • Strictlyfor parentsbook
  • Undressing Sex book


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