Rebuilding a continent from the Family – THE FAMILY SYSTEMS ENGINEERING APPROACH

Often times we all complain about what we see across the continent of Africa and that makes you wonder if our leaders were imported from another continent to punish us for a sin our fore fathers committed.
We all scream and shout on social media yet do nothing afterwards.
Sermons upon sermons have been preached on the need for us to be more righteous but corruption has become a culture across the continent of Africa.
Policies upon policies have been formulated and countless of committees have been sitting since i was born and have come up with vision 2000, 2010, 2020 and 2030. Unfortunately several billions were spent on some of these ‘HYPE’ and those years came by and we never held anyone accountable or ask questions.
How did we get to the state where leadership can’t be questioned across board? A people give funds to a system weekly yet feel unqualified to ask for the audited account of the same organization. How did we get to this level where the life of the big man is more precious than the life of the poor man and how did we get to this level where we spend so much to fund leadership while basic amenities that can prolong the lives of the people are not in place?
We may want to blame it on the devil and share revelations about how they need to be saved which is not out of place but one institution where these leaders are groomed and engineered which we often never talk about is the FAMILY.
There is no leader that has been looting his nation that never looted his family or how do you explain a husband and wife who never fully disclose what they earn to each other and disbursement takes place regularly without central approval?
We blame Niger Delta for example for clamouring for resource control for example yet we fail to see our own quest for resource control at the family or how else do you classify ‘His money is our money while my money is my money’ Every time any member of the family decides to hold unto the internally generated revenue of the family and never keeps an open account that is domestic resource control.
There is no leader rigging election at the national level that never rigged from his family or how do you explain a man who drinks himself to stupor yet fail to listen to his wife and 4 children to stop drinking? Unknown to him election already held in which 5 citizens voted against drinking yet 1 voted for drinking and when election result was announced 1 was greater than 5. Why won’t 4 be greater than 19 when he becomes a member of the governor’s forum?
The most important nation on earth is your family because the family is the production factory of the society. There is no leader that was not produced from the family. These leaders are fantastic ambassadors of our families and we love them after-all we have never seen any family carry placard against any public officer across Africa.
So before we skin our leaders can we all resolve to rethink the systems that engineer people from our family and become more intentional. That exactly is the question family systems engineering seeks to answer because we believe if evil can be engineered then good can be engineered.
The moment we all learn how nations work and we domesticate same system where the interest of every citizen of the family is protected then we can change the narratives and create a developed culture that automatically births a new society.
No change can happen in Africa except the change we make happen from our collective families.
I honour you

April 6, 2017

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