Principal consultant of Praise Fowowe International and founder of Center for Sex Education and Family Life

Praise is a world class thinker, futurist  and Africa’s premier creator and trainer on Family Systems Engineering.

As the Principal consultant of Praise Fowowe International and founder of Center for sex education and family life he’s an internationally acclaimed sexuality education strategist/advisor, family life coach, and crisis manager. He is credited and regarded as the foremost sexuality educator and strategist to have come out of Africa.

A highly innovative strategist blessed with original insights on relationships that have been applauded all over the continent as one of the most effective when it comes to sexuality and relationship issues.

With about quarter of a century’s experience in handling family life issues all over Nigeria, Praise is one of the best and the few go-to persons you would ever listen to on family life, sexuality and relationship issues.

He is an authority in the field and frame of reference for many . He has developed several life-changing contents in his quest to rid this continent and the world of sex predators and pedophiles and through his work, homes and thousands of lives have been restored to their healthy and sane state.

As a family life educator, Praise has created what is regarded as the most complete sexuality education kit for families and schools in Nigeria for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

As a trainer and disruptive thinker, Praise has facilitated personal effectiveness and superior relationship skills sessions for some of the best brands in the country.

He has implemented basic sexuality education for several schools, government agencies  and religious bodies in Nigeria.

His original thoughts on relationships have helped several singles and married couples. He has developed a new thought process called family  system engineering  for families that is now being taught around Africa.

He has been interviewed and showcased on almost all the major media houses in Nigeria and CNN has tasted of his depth of insight.

He consults for various sectors in the Nigerian economy – educational, oil and gas, banking and government agencies . He also sits on the board of a number of companies.

He is a best selling author and a talk show host. Some of his works include Super Kidz, marital recovery, marital formation,  basic sexuality education kit and Strictly for Wives among others.

He is happily married to Tosin one of the nation’s finest family finance expert and they are blessed with David and Charis.

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