I am a Premier Trainer of family systems Engineering which is a new thought process that helps individuals and families achieve amazing results within the shortest possible. In 18years of practice I have helped some of the most difficult marriages and troubled people navigate their challenges with absolute ease.

  • Are you troubled in your sexuality or personal life?
  • Is your marriage in crisis or your home is no longer what you desire?
  • Do you need clarity for your organizations or you want to transform your people?
  • Do you need a seamless system for your family & you desire to achieve amazing results that makes you happy?

I provide strategic family life consulting and help you set up your desired home. Our complete session usually would involve the use of several tools that delivers result that is swift but highly effective.

I do all these under our Basic family life coaching program or Advanced Family Life Program and I also run a group strategy sessions.

As a result of the demand on my time, I can only provide 90 minutes one-on-one or group sessions booked in advance. If you will like to book a Coaching session with me, kindly preview the details in the categories below.

I am your shortest distance between your challenges and bliss.

Basic Family Life Coaching

(5 sessions with a 3 month follow up sessions)
For singles & newly weds


Advanced Family Life Coaching

(10 sessions with 6 months access)


Annual Family Life Coaching

This gives your entire family access to me for a whole year

(once a month session plus other add ons)


Executive Coaching & Scandal Management Session for HNIs.


Corporate Coaching & Consulting

This includes setting up a family life systems for your organization and coaching your people


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