Itinerary management 101 for Resource Persons

One of the greatest challenges in my entire career was monetizing my solutions because having been a church boy all i knew was how to do it for free because i had a mentality i was doing it for God so i felt guilty each time i got paid early in my career(I started out in 2003)
Those were days that i was excited to dole it out for free and i have no regrets doing that because it was a model that has not been tested so i was grateful to even get a platform to give it away but somehow i set up a weekly platform in Ajegunle called Gold in the Slum that afforded me the opportunity to research and create solutions at the same time test the effectiveness of what i was teaching.
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I have given you this background to help you discover that being a resource person is in phases especially if you don’t have any specialized certification or skill yet. So you can skip this if you have gone pass this level but if you have not. It is very ok to do it for free because at that level any platform that opens up to you is an opportunity to prove your mettle but it is a place you must never stay forever.
I will divide this discussion into;
1. Understanding Platforms
2. Understanding yourself and your solutions
3. The power of a strong signals
4. Building systems and structures – Critical life saving tips
5. How to effectively charge – What makes up your fees
6. Designing your personal CSR
7. Productization
8. Understanding duration and what each duration means
9. Moving from speaking to creating interventions
I’d attempt to cover the above 6 but if i get tired of giving this for free and i have to charge for some aspects of it i hope you don’t do what you accuse others of doing by refusing to pay for a solution that can change your life forever.
Over the years I have discovered that there are different levels of platforms and I have categorized them into the following;
1. Peer Platforms – This platform belongs to your professional colleagues and people at your level. They could be people in your life who understand exactly where you are and you know where they are. This group of friends have added some form of value to your life that you may not be able to charge them what you’d love to charge. It is what you do for your professional colleagues and they also owe you. The exemption here is where the event is sponsored and they are making money or when it is a paid for event. That changes the dynamics
2. CSR platforms – This must be your decision and must never be forced so for example i have a quota for CSR annually which are events and communities that may never be able to afford me. What i do there is a give back to the society. I have a team that helps me analyze every invitation to know those that fit into this category and i decide who deserves those slot. Once we have exhausted our CSR slot for the year i never take extra except when I clearly hear God ask me to(I am a man under authority). This can be for some NGOs, communities, religious institutions that can’t afford your service etc but it must be communicated.
The moment you are financially free or you are at the legacy phase of your life you should actually be here permanently
3. Super Synergy Platforms – This platform belong to my mentors and people who have added incredible value to me. They know how to reach me because they have earned the right to command me based on their investment in my life but i have found over the years that they are the ones who have never taken me for granted. I never allow my team interface with them as a mark of honour because they can reach me directly. Their platforms gives access to some strange networks but there is a science of knowing how to maximize that platform.
4. Business platforms – These are platforms you should charge your professional fees and give a discount if you choose to but you must clearly communicate your terms and conditions.
The biggest challenge I have seen is ASSUMPTION. Many of us never communicate our expectations because we don’t have a structure and system. Some of us on the other hand have a self sabotaging belief that makes us feel bad for charging what took us a lot to get. The truth is that we function in a continent that has not grown to appreciate the value of resource persons and you can’t blame them because when an industry is more of ‘ME’ than ‘US’ then all sorts would happen. Never forget you have not clearly defined who you are so never be upset when they place you in the category of throw pillows or hamper.

Never forget you have not clearly defined who you are so never be upset when they place you in the category of throw pillows or hamper.

Let me close with a simple example someone called my management team for a session and said they give honorarium. My manager politely responded that we charge a professional fee for what they want but also wanted to understand their definition of honorarium only for her to be told that honorarium was a branded throw pillow and hamper. She insisted on my fees and they eventually paid because i can’t brand the face of the proprietor of my kids’s school on a pillow and deliver to her in exchange for school fees.
There is a time to grow to that level but trust me many event organizers assume it should be free. They are not wicked; they are simply responding to the signal an unregulated sector full of people with church and mosque background who just want to add value.
Jacob and papalolo were some of the best jesters Nigeria every witnessed yet they earned so little because they did not have a regulated sector but the moment Ali Baba stood up for that sector it became a. money spinner which is why nobody just invites a basketmouth to come and add value with his jokes in exchange for throw pillows.
How much more you?
I honour you
To be continued
Praise Fowowe
NB: This may not be your reality as a pastor or a preacher in a denomination or if you have chosen to do. it for free. This is strictly for resource persons who need help.

February 24, 2020

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