Daddy GO’s Take

I have been bombarded by all sorts of questions in the last 3 days and would break my silence for the first time having taking time to think through everything and how the entire scenario has panned out.
It is so easy for us to judge what was said without paying attention to the intention, motive and the environment. Here is what I think;

  1. Daddy GO was addressing his children and you could clearly see his use of words where he called them ‘my boys’ which means that video could be excused as a family meeting. Every family has got their beliefs and culture which other families might find strange but where it works for them it may not be anyone’s business. So if what was said was said during a family meeting.
    How did you eavesdrop into the discussion of a family and how come you are offended by what the members of the family did not protest about? What works is my home may not be universal and not once did Daddy GO instruct the whole world to follow what he said. If you are member of the family please obey your father and where you disobey ask questions.The intention and motive is stronger than what was said. What that means to me is;
  • Was he trying to promote chaos or divorce? I don’t think so; I feel what was said was said to promote harmony because I believe as a father he must have been bothered by the spate of divorce and marital challenges
  • Was he trying to put women down? I don’t also think that was the intention. I think he was trying to talk about the traditionally accepted roles and what we may have overlooked was the fact that he was trying to promote healthy eating and living. So in my own opinion the intention would pass even if the words may not seem so.
  • Was he against women? – I don’t think so as well because he also warned the ladies against jobless men who claim they are contractors and when you look at both sides the intention was clear which was done to promote peaceful coexistence.
    2. What works for us differ : Based on Daddy GO’s experience he must have seen all sorts of avoidable marital breakdown and I would want to believe all that was said was to protect the institution of marriage and not to put people down as I would want to believe that God would look at motives. However if there is a better template you have that has also worked for you please stick to it because I am not aware anything was imposed or forced as a doctrine.
  1. Honour must never be compromised:  While we may not always agree with our fathers we must however not degenerate to a level where we succumb to name calling or seeking to drag the names of our elders into the mud. They see things the way they are and we may see differently but when you check the outcomes we all want the same thing which is basically to foster peace and harmony

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