About Us

Praise Fowowe International is an integrated  family life and workplace relationship and research support organization that promotes the dignity of humanity through advisory, training solutions and effective personnel systems deployment.

We create simple solutions to complex relationship problems.

As a Training Advisory and Strategy Company we firmly believe that excellence is attainable in every sphere of endeavour. we constantly strive to assist educational, faith based, corporate organizations and families with maximizing the capacity of their people to be happy within themselves thereby creating optimum value while maintaining workplace harmony.
Over the years we have grown to become the choice family and people support organization in Nigeria by creating interventions that has delivered measurable value for our clients,

Our Services

We are a consulting firm that develops simple solutions to complex relationships problems


- Workplace heroes
- Superior relationship skills
- Employee Assisted people transformation matrix for HR managers
- Work life Harmony and Balance
- Team Bonding

Intellectual Property Development

- Culture Creation and transformation
- Basic sexuality education
- Effective Parenting systems for schools
- First year experience


- Effective Junior Church systems
- Church Shift systems improvement
- Family Life Ministry infusion and deployment
- TeenBuilld

Coaching & Counselling

- First Year Experience entry level course for Babcock Students
- Family systems Engineering Certification program developed for the Institute for Family Engineering and Development
- Basic Sexuality Education Certification Program
- Work Place Heroes
- Out of the Box Parenting Coaching program
- Handling an erring child
- Marital Formation
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